What To Expect

Lesson Meeting Location


Mitchell’s Bay Public Beach (aka Dover Shores Park)

We meet our students right at the beach in Mitchell’s Bay (offically knowns a Dover Shore Park) at the sandy area with the old boat ramps at the far end of the Parking lot. Depending on the number of students I will be teaching that day you will either find me setup with kites at the beach or arriving in the 24ft Surf Culture Canada Pontoon which is anchored just offshore of the north side boat ramps.

Where do the lessons actually take place from? We only use the Public Beach at Mitchell’s Bay as our meeting location. Early in the season and when I only have one or two students the lessons will be conducted at the beach. During the summer, the shallow waters around the beach may become to crowded to safely teacher here or I may have a large group of students. If this is the case, we go over gear setup and attach bar and lines to the kites (~30 minutes) and take them to the boat and head out offshore to a quieter kiting location. The offshore shallow areas that encircle the Bay ensure optimum wind and water conditions and absolute safety. The kites are pumped up on the bow of the boat and the boat becomes our floating support vessel difting along with us as the lesson progresses.

What do I need to bring? We supply the wetsuits, booties, harnesses, lifejackets, kites, boards and snacks and water. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and willingness to learn. From experience the following will ensure that you fully enjoy the experience:

  • Water bottle: 1 litre or more to ensure hydration
  • Snacks for before and after the lesson
  • Sunscreen (even on cloudy days I have seen people get a bad burn)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses (with float, tie-off or strap) you will lose your sunglass in a crash even if you think they are tight enough to stay on.
  • Warm Clothes (even on warm sunny days after several hours in the water you can get a chill)
  • spandex/lycra shorts to wear under your wetsuit for comfort (if you have a pair)
  • Towel
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Mbay Lesson Meeting Spot
Lesson Spot Picture
Our Secret Lesson Spot
Surf Culture Lessons Boat
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You bring the friends and we will supply all the gear and an experience you will never forget.