Weather Links

1. Pressure Gradient and Current Observations across the Great Lakes. This is the single best indicator of whether there will be wind or not in the area. The closer the isobars, the stronger the winds will be.

2. Great Lakes Marine Forecasts from NWS Detroit Office. Fairly accurate, way better than the Environment Canada Forecasts.

3. Eastern Great lakes Bouy Data. Bouys located on St.Clair, Erie and Huron are the best resource for finding the current wind conditions on the water. For Belle River and Metro use LSCM4

Real Time Wind Data

Weather Cams

  1. Cams Across Ontario – Cams located all around Ontario. Check out Grand Bend and Kincardine cams for Lake Huron waves and snowbelt area snow conditions.
  2. Lake Michigan Cam – Overlooking the beach at Grand Haven, MI.
  3. – Check out camera’s on Lake Erie for East and south wind spots.

General Weather

1. NWS office Detroit, Michigan. By far the best weather link for the lower great lakes region. If you are weather wise read the latest Forecast Discussions to get the scoop on what the weather will be doing for the next few days. Reading these is the key to figuring out when and where the wind will be. They are pretty techinical though, but worth the effort to try to understand them.