Located on the Canadian side of Lake St.Clair, this is one of the best spots in the Great Lakes to learn the sport and to progress quickly. This location has the longest season of any spot in the Great Lakes due to it’s southern location and very shallow water. Here are some quick facts:

•Water Depth in the Bay averages 3 feet and water temps are above 60F (15C) from early May till mid October. In June, July and August water temperatures are often above 80F (22C) and only boardshorts are needed.
•Bottom is sandy with abundent bottom weed growth in the summer and relatively good water clarity. Booties are not needed but the occassional zebra mussel is encountered so feet be warned. Weed growth never becoming thick enough to cause major problems with your lines within the kiting area.
•Washroom facilities are available and a store is a short 30 second walk away for food, beer, etc

•There really is no beach to launch from, you must walk your gear out past the swim area and water launch your kite. There is always someone there to assist, just ask a local 🙂
•The beach can become very crowded on holidays and weekends, please respect the beachgoers and roll up your lines when you come in for a break.