17 Years of Instructional Excellence!

Experience says it all…


Tim Blanchard has been teaching kiteboarding since 2000. He has 25 years of windsurfing, surfing, SUP and kiting experience in Australia, NZ, Central America, N.A’s west coast and of course the Great Lakes. Unlike other schools that hire kids with little kiting experience to head their instructional programs, Tim Blanchard is present and leads all lessons with a trained staff of knowledgeable assistance with an average of 5 years of kiteboarding experience themselves.

Surf Culture Canada has an incredible 40 years of kiting experience with it’s staff of 3 instructors.

We have the best spot in the Great Lakes and our lessons are conducted 100% in waist deep water, you will find no boring land based training here.

You want to learn to kitesurf do you not? Why not get out on the water where you really want to be. The best gear, support system, learning spot and instruction.