From 25 yrs of windsurfing and kiteboarding the area.

Insider Tips / Wind direction guide

  • North Winds: Belle River go there only before 11 am or after 5pm, the wind dies ALWAYS in the afternoon!
  • South Winds: Metro is a thermal wind! doesn’t pick up till after 1pm!
  • Lake Erie: East winds rock at Cedar beach 10-15 or more E or SE forecast alway turns out windier and is always kitable!
  • Lake Erie: Stupid cold water in the spring, wind doesn’t pick up till 4-5 pm!!! Metro is always windier on S and SW winds! Beware if air is 15F or more degrees warmer than air temp.
  • Lake Erie: Thermals in June (water 55-70F) 4-7pm every day when the forecast is light south winds, very localized wind 16m conditions.
  • Belle River: When light north winds forecast (5-15kts) 50% of the time an hour 1-2 hours before dark the wind kicks up to 15-20 kts!
  • Lake Erie: Storm and frontal SW winds always best before noon at Cedar and Seacliff beach. Stormy SW’s are always good on Lake Erie.
  • Mitchell’s Bay: best spot for SW winds. Funnels into bay after 2pm creating locallized stronger winds at mouth of bay near islands and boat channel


Kite Spots for each wind direction

  • N=Belle River, Kettle Point
  • NE=Belle River
  • E=Cedar
  • SE=Cedar or Metro Beach
  • S= Metro, Cedar of Mitchell’s Bay
  • SW= Metro, Cedar or Mitchell’s Bay
  • W=Belle River (East Beach!), Cedar, SeaCliffe or Mitchells Bay
  • NW= Belle River (East Beach), Mitchell’s Bay, Kettle Point