1. Cedar Beach
  2. Linden Beach
  3. SeaCliffe Park
  4. Belle River
  5. Lighthouse Cove
  6. Mitchell’s Bay

Lake Erie Spots: Easier to take Ambassador Bridge

  • Once through customs go straight to Huron Church Road
  • Follow Huron Church and then follow signs for Highway #3 to Leamington (follow to right)

Spots 1&2 Cedar Beach Area : East, SE, S and SW winds

  • Follow highway #3 for 15min
  • Turn right at Arner Townline (highway #23)
  • Follow Arner Townline through the town of Arner all the way to the lake
  • Turn left at lake road (highway #50)
  • For spot #1 follow 5 mins and turn right into parking lot at sign “Cedar Beach Conservation Area”
  • For spot #2 go over bridge and follow road to right at yield sign (highway #50)
  • Look for the bend in the road where the road and lake meet at the small roadside beach, this is the spot

For Spot #3 Secliffe Park : South, SW and West winds

  • Follow highway #3 20min and turn right at the sign for Leamington near the greenhouses
  • Follow to lake road (highway #50) and turn left
  • Follow highway #50 to the sign for SeaCliff Park and turn right and look for gate to parking lot on right overlooking the beach

Belle River Spots: Easier to take Tunnel

Spot #4 (Belle River) NW, North, NE winds; spot#5 (lighthouse Cove) for West and WSW winds

  • Once out of customs make a left then another quick left at the light to get onto Ouellette
  • Follow Ouellette Ave. south for 5 min
  • Look for signs to EC.Row Expressway East
  • Get onto EC.Row and follow 15min to town of Belle River
  • ½ mile past OPP station turn left at the road just before the bridge near the flag in the park
  • Follow road over tracks and drive straight into parking lot

Spot #5 follow road through town and follow signs for Stoney Point then for lighthouse cove

  • Once in light house cove turn left at the convience store and follow road to the bend and the vacant lot

Spot #6 Directions to Mitchell’s Bay

  • from USA take Bridge
  • Once pass Customs take Huron Church road.
  • Go Straight and follow signs to 401 expressway
  • Follow 401 for about 30mins.
  • Exit at Queen’s line (exit 63)
  • Turn right onto Queen’s Line (hwy#2)
  • Turn left onto Hwy#7 (sign for Merlin and Prarie Siding).
  • At hwy #36 turn right (fork in road)
  • Follow for 500m then turn left and go over the Bridge (sign for Paincourt)
  • go staight then turn right at four way stop (if you go straight turns into dirt rd.)
  • At intersection in Paincourt turn left
  • Go thru small town of Grande Pointe (4 way stop)
  • At 4 way stop at edge of mitchell’s bay turn left onto hwy#42
  • Follow road straight to the water and park in the parking lot to right of road