Foilboarding Intro Lesson


Intro foil lesson behind the Wake 155 PWC



If you’ve seen foilboarding and are wondered what there is to this new endeavour in the arena of kitesurfing – riding up above the water in virtually no wind, this is the lesson for you. The best way to be introduced to the world of the foil is to take the kite out of the picture so you can get the feel of the foil under your feet. With our Seadoo wake 155, designed specifically for towing you can easily gets hours worth of experience behind a kite packed into a single hour in tow. This hour-long lesson provides you and a friend with hands-on instruction and support to help you get up and riding on the foil. You will need to bring a friend along to act as spotter and/or switch off on the foil, and the $150 covers both students. We utilize the beginner friendly Cabrinha Double Agent and short 40cm mast.