What we offer…

We offer professional, structured lesson programs at competitive prices. The most experienced and respected in the area. Lesson Locations – Belle River, Mitchell’s Bay, Lighthouse Cove and Cedar Beach (Lake Erie).


Local expertise

We are your truly local kiteboarding school. No clinics overseas, no exotic trips, we have found the perfect kiteboarding location and it is Lake St.Clair of all places! With over 20 years of riding the lake; windsurfing and kiting, Tim Blanchard knows the lakes spots and weather like no other.

Why no camps?

No matter where you are in the world there is no guarantee of wind. I would love to run two day weekend clinics but the wind in Ontario rarely is perfect for learning two days in a row. Many students end up at Surf Culture Canada after spending $500++ on a multiple day camp where the wind and weather did not cooperate. The weekend camp structure simply does not work in Ontario with our variable summer wind and weather conditions.

We book our lessons with the priority being on ideal wind conditions for our students, not making money for a kiteboarding shop…

Gear Setup & Safety

**This is not an introductory lesson**.

This course is for riders that have taken lessons in the past or have riding experience. Ideal if you have purchased gear and need help setting it up. Also great as a refresher after a long winter. We will optimize your gear and show you tricks and tips for tweaking your gear and being safe on the water.

Time : 2 hours

Cost: $150+HST

Learn to Fly

This is our standard introductory lesson.

The lesson is done on the beach and in the water where you belong. We start on a trainer kite or small 4 line inflatable kite and progress to using a powered kite with a harness. Safety systems, harness use, water relaunching, self rescue, body dragging are covered.

Time : 2 hours

Cost : $150+HST

Equipment Provided in cost of lesson:

kites, boards, harness, booties, wetsuit

What you need to bring:

Sunglasses, hat, towel, drink

Learn to Ride

Learn to fly lesson prerequisite

In this lesson you learn what it takes to become a self-sufficent kiteboarder and get riding. Using the skills developed in the Learn to Fly lesson, you will build on our skill base. You will setup the gear, launch, and learn the basics of getting on the board while under the careful guidance of your instructor. This is your chance to make mistakes in a controlled environment with an instructor carefully watching to correct you. You will gain the confidence to safely start kiting on your own. We will go into greater depth on how to be safe in emergency situations.

**PWC for all Progression Lessons**

Length : Hourly RATE

Cost : $100+hst or $150+hst (2 people)

Exploration down winder

**Not for beginners, must be able to waterstart and ride comfortably**

The marsh islands that ring Mitchell’s Bay are home to some of the best flatwater kiteboarding in the world. Ride behind countless marsh islands in butter flatwater, without stressing about staying upwind. We will take you to our secret locations and let you ride and jump without having a beach to get back upwind too. Miles of unexplored kiting heaven awaits. You will be amazed how quickly your level of riding progresses in these ideal conditions.

COST : $100 hrs ($150 hrs 2 people)


How lesson bookings work


  1. Call or email us and we will book a tentative lesson date.

  2. Two days before our scheduled lesson date I will call and/or email to confirm if the weather conditions look favorable. If the weather looks very unfavorable, we will cancel and reschedule for a later date.
  3. The morning of the lesson I will call to confirm once again that the weather looks good and confirm the lesson meeting spot and time.

Water lesson Structure

No mandatory classroom lessons and no intro course before getting some water time. We offer a water lesson structure that we have developed over the past 18 seasons. We have found that 2.5 hours for intro and 2-3 hours for progression are the optimal lesson lengths. Any longer and information overload and fatigue sets in. It is also the minimum amount of time needed to convey the basic elements of the sport, maximizing your learning experience.


Refund / No wind policy

All lessons that are rescheduled due to weather are done at no charge. In the event that the weather changes during a lesson and the lesson has to be cut short, the cost will be pro-rated according to how much of the lesson has been completed.

Owner/Instructor : Tim Blanchard