Kite Foilboarding Instruction

Surf Culture Canada now is offering kite foiboardling Instruction in 2018. Having logged 50+ hours on the foilboard in 2017, dialing in gear settings  and riding technique we are now confident that anyone can learn this aspect of kiting with a few hours of one-on-one instruction.

For our lessons we are utilizing the best gear available with the Cabrinha Double Agent Foilboard on a short 30cm mast and Ocean Rodeo Flite kites.

This setup makes the early stages of progression much easier than the frustration experienced buy kiters just a year or two ago on gear that was not fully tested and optimizes to learn on.  With this setup in just 3hrs I was able to get full tack foil rides and the short mast prevents the dreaded nose dives beginners on long masts experience.

To book at Foilboard lesson contact me at 519-919-7907 or fill in a lesson request form.  

Foil and TT Line mount action