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At Surf Culture Canada we were the first in Canada to develop and start teaching the sport. Lake St.Clair has some of the best beginner conditions in North America. Book a lesson today and see what all the buzz is about.

The Slicks of Mitchell’s Bay

A day @ Mitchell’s Bay: An Overview

The Location: Mitchell’s Bay, Lake St.Clair, Ontario, Canada

With waist deep water, steady winds and warm water there is no better spot in the Great Lakes for a beginner lesson. NEW for 2018 PWC Support for lessons or for an amazing downwinder experience. You ride the slicks and the PWC follows you.

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Become Part of the Crew

When you become a kitesurfer, you become a member of an exclusive group of friendly, helpful and active individuals. You really do become a member of a family that you get to see every warm, windy day. Come and join the cult.

Advance SUP Instruction

This is of course Ontario and it is not always windy. We now offer Advance SUP Instruction for those all too common windless summer day. Call 519-919-7907 to book an advance lesson or group tour. We have race and wave specific boards for paddlers looking to take SUP to the next level.


At Surf Culture Canada we have the most riding and teaching experience in Ontario. If it can happen, we have seen it. Tim Blanchard is a high school science teacher; track, cross country and crossfit coach; as well as a former professional rider. Wipika certified in 2001 as part of the first instructor training course in North America. If you have a question, he can answer it.

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